Top 5 Tough iPhone 5 Case for Car Washer Man

Having a tough iPhone 5 case is a sure way that you can use to arm your device for danger. Since 2010, Lunatik has been a leading producer of quality cases for hand-held devices. Recently, this company introduced high quality case for iPhone 5 that comes with a rugged design. These cases are designed to offer maximum protection to this device. Lifeproof is also another company that has been producing high quality iPhone 5 cases. Cases from these brands are highly durable, stylish and damage resistant. Among the top tough iPhone 5 case designs from these companies include:

  • Flak: This is an innovative case design from Lunatik that uses an interlock construction. This is a simple dual-layer construction that makes the case capable of offering your device maximum protection with its tough outer shell that is made of a strong polycarbonate. The inner core of this case absorbs shock from external forces. It is made of a soft TPU that enables it to cradle the iPhone 5 without causing scratches. This design is easy to use and it has volume control buttons as well as sleep/on/off buttons. The mute button in the case is open to allow easy access.
  • Siesmik: This design from Lunatik has embraced truss to stiffen the TPU material that is highly flexible. This results to a case that is stiff enough to ensure that it does not feel like a typical gummy case and flexible to cushion the device. This case design is available in five schemes of color. You can get it in grey, cyan, all black, yellow and clear. This design is the best option for anyone looking for a case that has a surface with a good grip.
  • Taktik strike: This is one of the most amazing case designs ever from Lunatik. This case design offers maximum protection to iPhone against drops and shocks. The case is built to look like a tank. Basically, this design takes the truss design used by the siesmik case and then it is wrapped in bezels of a thick polymer that are held together using aluminum and steel hardware. This case is tough enough to protect your device from damages that may result from falls. This design gives ports a cover and plug treatment while covering all buttons of the device. Basically this case is perfect option for people who like giving their device rugged protection. It is available in gray, black, white, pick and green colors.
  • Taktik extreme: This is a tough iPhone 5 case design that is capable of offering your device maximum protection. It has dust and water resistant plugs which makes it suitable for anyone looking for a gadget that will offer weather protection to their device. Although Lunatik does not advertise it as a waterproof product, it should protect your device from occasional splashes.
  • Lifeproof iPhone 5 cases: This brand of iPhone 5 case is suitable for anyone who wants to carry their device anywhere with confidence. It offers iPhone protection against snow, dirt and water.

Basically, lunatik and Lifeproof has introduced the most innovative iPhone 5 cases designs that are stylish with rugged engineering structures. The main reason for purchasing a case is to offer protection to the iPhone. Lunatik and Lifeproof have done a good job in facilitating the achievement of this goal. Thus, with a tough iPhone 5 case from any of these brands you are always assured that your device is well-protected. Check for more tough iphone covers.

Do I Need A Workshop for Car Care & Auto Repairing

Having an organized place to work on your car makes car care easier. You’ll be reluctant to take care of maintenance chores if you always have to find a flat parking spot, dig out the tools from here and there, and use the ground as a workbench.

If you already have a garage that isn’t preoccupied with storage, you can set up a small car maintenance center there. Even if it is full of stuff, you can clear out a small area near the door where you can keep tools, parts, and books for driveway repairs. Small is better than nothing.

If you have some room and a few bucks, consider building or buying a workbench. The bench should reflect your current and future abilities. You don’t need a large bench if all you’ll be doing is changing plugs and filters. But a larger surface is needed for disassembly of larger parts.

My current workbench is an old desk at the side of a garage. On it is my main tool chest with drawers of tools and a couple of Snickers bars. Under the desk is a floor jack and stands. Nearby is a rolling chest that includes gauges, testers, battery charger, and some more Snickers bars. I’m ready for any emergency!

The key to a good workbench is organizing tools so that they are readily available and easily returned. I use lined toolbox drawers to organize my tools. In other garages I’ve mounted tools on pegboard walls. I prefer toolboxes because I can then take the tools to the car instead of vice versa.

To decide what setup you prefer, sneak a peek at how neighbors repair their cars, or drive through neighborhoods on a Saturday morning. Be careful, though, as not everyone will appreciate your interest in their garage. Others will be most happy to show off the shop.

Fortunately, you can rent a garage if you need it. Some cities are big enough to support do-it-yourself shops where car owners can rent a shop and maybe even some tools on a per-hour basis.

If you have a major repair job to do and nowhere to do it, consider renting a storage unit for a month. but make sure the managers will let you use it for repairs. Some won’t let you access a storage unit daily. Others don’t want the mess (and liability) of having you work on your car there.

If you live in a small town, consider renting a bay of a service station or asking to work alongside the mechanic. You might not be able to save much money this way, but you’ll learn a lot about car maintenance.

So you don’t really need your own garage to keep your car trouble-free.